Consultancy Dr. Ansgar Dorneich

  • Consultancy with a data analysis driven approach covering the areas of customer relationship management, quality assurance, early warning systems, process optimization and risk management.
  • Development and marketing of the software Interactive Analyzer - to end customers, via sales partners and integrated into partner software.
  • Performant ad flexible data analysis, BI and reporting solutions for small and medium enterprises for which the TCOs (total costs of ownership) of conventional solutions - license costs, hardware costs, administration and training costs - are prohibitive.

Ansgar Dorneich

After studying mathematics and physics at the universities of Würzburg (Germany) and Grenoble (France), graduation (PhD) in the area of computational physics and postgraduate studies of economics at Fernuniversität Hagen (Germany), Ansgar Dorneich worked as a senior software engineer and technical team lead in IBM's Böblingen research lab from 2001 to 2007. During this time, he developed data mining sofware, filed several patents, co-authored a textbook on data mining and coached customers and IBM partners.

In 2007 and 2008, Ansgar Dorneich worked as a senior consultant in data analyics projects in different companies and industries (banks, retail, chemical industry, car makers, production).

Since 2009, Ansgar Dorneich has been working as self-employed consultant and as the key developer and software architect of the Interactive Analyzer software. In cooperation with technology and sales partners, he currently works on industry-specific software solutions, plugins and data analysis portals based on the Interactive Analyzer platform.

Further information on Dr. Dorneich can be found at: Xing profile (German),  LinkedIn profile (English)