2018-01-02: Version 4.1 of Interactive Analyzer available

New features in pivot tables (waterfall diagrams and sorted lists). New filter criteria (e.g. rule lift) in assoziations rules. Show all original text variants in free-text fields withs text mining.

2017-10-01: Version 4.0 of Interactive Analyzer available

Improved functionality and ease-of-use in many modules (for example drill-down and sorting functions in pivot tables, flipping bars in histograms. New automated analysis task 'Next Best Offer', available via command line processor (iacl.bat)

2017-04-25: Version 3.9 of Interactive Analyzer available

New data mining module 'Decision Tree'. Reading data from ElasticSearch.

2017-03-01: Version 3.8 of Interactive Analyzer available

Exporting data analysis results into relational databases via JDBC. Redesigned and improved pivot table report generator module (show several user-defined KPIs per table cell, comparison actual period versus previous period, etc.). New data preprocessing operator 'create row-shifted version of existing data fields'

2016-10-15: Version 3.7 of Interactive Analyzer available

Support for new DBMS data dources (Hadoop/Hive, Exasol, HP Vertica, Derby). New data transformation operator 'transform field values to new data fields'. New computed field operator 'concatenate' for creating compoed data fields; new field type 'ComposedDataField' for efficiently storing these composed data fields.

2016-04-01: Version 3.6 of Interactive Analyzer available

Performance improvement in sequential patterns analysis. New features for transferring data selections between different opened data views.

2015-08-01: Version 3.5 of Interactive Analyzer available

New module 'line and scatter plots'. New operators for creating computed data fields, for example trend and derivation. Personal history lists for quickly reloading recently used data sources and analysis projects. Calculating quantiles in numeric data fields.

2015-03-19: Version 3.4 of Interactive Analyzer available

New daten field type 'key-like' for much more efficient storage of data fields with many different values. Automated detection and removal of pairs of highly correlated data fields. Improved functions and ease-of-use when working with field value histograms (change value order, modify binning).

2014-11-30: Version 3.3 of Interactive Analyzer available

New text mining capabilities: word detection, trivial word removal, stemming, typo correction, synonym detection (German, English). Working with user-specified domain-specific dictionaries. Improved usability when working with data with very many fields or with fields with a huge number of different values: pattern-based search with wildcards (*), ....

2014-08-30: Version 3.2 of Interactive Analyzer available

Client-server variant now supports SSL, HTTPS and Proxies. Largely reworked and improved API documentation for partners and system integrators.

2014-06-30: Version 3.1 of Interactive Analyzer available

New functions for interactively creating new data fields, for example from a user-specified list of field values. New RAM and CPU load diagnostics module for the server side of the client-server variant. Ability to store password-protected encrypted versions of the internally used data format IAD.

2014-03-31: Version 3.0 of Interactive Analyzer available

New client-server variant of the software, running on arbitrary appication servers such as Tomcat or Glassfish. Documented REST API for communicating to web clients. Ability to read JSON data and to export all data mining models in the form of Java code.

2013-10-01: Version 2.5 of Interactive Analyzer available

Support for numerous new date and time formats when reading data. New clustering feature in the SOM module. Linear and logistic regression now detect and remove erkennt collinear regressors automatically.

10.06.2013: Version 2.4 of Interactive Analyzer available

The data mining method 'Naive Bayes Classifikation' is no available as a new module. The method is particularly suitable for working with information extracted from free texts.

02.05.2013: Version 2.3 of Interactive Analyzer available

All modules which create predictive data mining models (SOM, Regression, Associations) now have a new 'Gains Chart' visualization view. In this view, you can introspect and compare the predictive qualities of data mining models, and you can detect the optimum application point of a model - e.g. the optimum percentage of customers to be contacted within a marketing campaign.

02.02.2013: Version 2.2 of Interactive Analyzer available

The data import module is now able to read from XML data sources, and it supports more numeric data formats. The data export functions have been enlarged and contain new data sorting features and the ability to combine long lists of two-valued data fields into one single set-valued data field.

02.11.2012: Version 2.1 of Interactive Analyzer available

The new module 'Pivot Tables' creates aggregations, KPIs and tabular or graphical reports out of the largest data bases within seconds or fractions of seconds.

01.08.2012: Version 2.0 of Interactive Analyzer available

The new version contains improvements in almost all modules, a new and faster incremental data reading, new Associations and Sequential Patterns scoring engines for use cases in market basket analysis, up-selling and recommendations, and last but not least a completely new Java API with extensive documentation and samples for technical partners who want to embed Interactive Analyzer modules in their own software.

20.12.2011: Version 1.9 of Interactive Analyzer available

With the graphical workbench module 'Visual Report Editor' you can create predefined reports within analysis projects. You can enrich these reports with existing corporate layouts, stylesheets and designs. The new 'Reporting Engine' module creates printer-ready PDF documents and HTML online publications from these predefined reports.

01.09.2011: Version 1.8 of Interactive Analyzer available

Most important new feature of this update is the web start variant, which allows starting the most up-to-date release of the software from your web browser without any prior installation step. In addition, the update contains many functional enhancements , for example importing set-valued data, automatic value groupings and removals of variants and misspellings, improvements of the modules SOM, Multivariate Exploration, Regression and Correlations Analysis. Finally, there is a new and much more comfortable data import wizard for reading data from excel sheets.

2011-07-13: Version 1.7 of Interactive Analyzer available

The German documentaion was enlarged, the English documentation was completed and is now also available in the form of a 250 page PDF user's guide with many application examples. The SOM module was functionally improved, in particular the scoring part (applying SOM models to new data).

2011-05-30: Version 1.6 of Interactive Analyzer available

The new version comes with an optical 'face lift' of the entire GUI, new graphical icons and with many small usability improvements. Thanks to all external testers for their input.

2011-03-31: Version 1.5 of Interactive Analyzer available

Interactive Analyzer now has a comfortable installation and deinstallation wizard. The interactive exploration panels were again improved (switch between several display modes, show colored detail information in the histogram bars etc.)

2011-01-28: Version 1.4 of Interactive Analyzer available

The computation of field-field correlations has been strongly improved. The German documentation has been reworked and enlarged. In addition to the online HTML documentation, there is now a 200 page PDF user's guide.

2010-12-19: Version 1.3 of Interactive Analyzer available

The new version supports new data sources (Cache, Progress, user-defined JDBC data sources) and has improved features and usability in the interactive analysis panels and in the associations analysis panel.

2010-27-10: German and English versions of Interactive Analyzer available

Since version 1.2.0 the workbench including the context-sensitive help system can be switched between English and German language.

2010-07-15: Version 1.0 of Interactive Analyzer available

Analysis features: statistics and data visualizations, interactive bivariate and multivariate data exploration, correlations analysis, split analysis and hypothesis verification, time series analysis and forecast, deviation detection, data inconsistency detection, associations analysis, sequential patterns analysis, linear regression, neural clustering and prediction (SOM).
Accessible data sources: JDBC data sources, flat files, MS-Access databases, spreadsheets.

2010-05-17: Interactive Analyzer related talk at the SPSS users conference 'Directions' in Rome

Stefan Meinzer (Business Analyst, BMW AG) reports on using the Interactive Analyzer as SPSS Modeler plugin at BMW Group, Munich: Quality Control is Built on Analytics at BMW Group Manufacturing.

2009-10-29: Interactive Analyzer Community Day in Frankfurt (Germany)

Talks and discussion forum for Interactive Analyzer beta testers, sales and technology partners.

2009-02-28: Interactive Analyzer Prerelease 0.0.1 available

Features: data import from CSV files; data compression 'in memory'; univariate, bivariate and multivariate data exploration; assoziations analysis