The software Interactive Analyzer is a modular system of several analysis kernel components which can accessed via different graphical and command line interfaces.

  • The Interactive Analyzer workbench provides graphical Frontends for all analysis modules. Most analysis panels have a non-expert 'beginner' mode with robust default values for the advanced parameters, but the panels also offer full access to all expert parameters via advanced option pop-up panels.
  • Plugins for Third party software exist for example for the data mining workbench IBM SPSS Modeler and für the BI platform QlikView.
  • Various OEM versions of Interactive Analyzer are taylored to certain industries and user groups by technology and sales partners.
  • The single analysis modules of Interactive Analyzer can be called as command line calls, batch jobs or system services via an XML interface.
  • On customer demand, the Interactive Analyzer team is able to embedd Interactive Analyzer functionality into your database management system in the form of stored procedures or to provide a web services interface (SOAP).

A 2-page product information brochure on Interactive Analyzer can be found here: