Based on the software Interactive Analyzer, we offer software solutions for the following areas:

CRM (customer management)

  • Market basket analysis, assortment planning, Warenkorbanalysen, Sortimentgestaltung, price threshold analysis
  • Marketing optimization (clustering, scoring, target group selection for campaigns)
  • Customer retentions, churn prevention, customer value optimization

Controlling, risk management

  • Fraud detection (detection of manipulated transactions or transaction values)
  • Risk management and risk prediction (process risk, project risk, failure risk)
  • Proactive data quality monitoring, recognition of inconsistencies and doublets

Production and development

  • Optimization of products and processes for reject rates, cost, changeover times, utilization, quality targets and desired product properties
  • Root cause analysis for errors in complex technical products


We have profound experience in conducting data analytical projects in various industries and application areas. Some of the topics and industries are listed on the detail pages which are accessible via the menu buttons at the left.

We offer consulting projects as a self-contained service, but also as a pilot project or proof of concept before a permanent implementation of an Interactive Analyzer based software solution. We recommend the following process model:

1.  Workshop / Proof of concept (duration: 1-2 days)

In a one-day or two-day workshop in which we tightly work together with your own experts and 'stakeholders' of the area we assess the available data base and perform initial data analyses concerning your most urgent questions and pain points. The goal of the workshop is to enable us to give a quantitative and well-founded estimation on the attainable value creation within a larger project, and to demonstrate you that the applied methods and software tools are successful in solving your challenges.

2.  (optional) Analysis project (duration: several weeks to months)

An analysis project serves to apply data analysis methods to a fixed data base for solving a problem or attaining a business goal defined by the customer.

3.  (optional) Implementation of a permanent solution (duration: several weeks to months)

If the results of a workshop or project have convinced you that you should 'in-house' the applied methods and tools in the form of a permanent process model and software solution, we implement this process model and this software solution based on the Interactive Analyzer platform. We fit the new solution seemlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and business processes.